About Patrick

Hello, I'm Patrick. I build websites.

Hello, I’m Patrick. I’m a Designer, front-end developer and tinkerer of out of the box CSS, surfer, cyclist, amateur screen printer, and builder of wood things.

Starting my design career over 10 years ago I have expanded my portfolio from print only to print and web design.  As I started to design more for web I thought I would give coding a try.  This took me back to the pre-windows/OS days and I had write command lines to get anything to run.  I realized how much I loved it and dove in head first and having fun with it ever since.  Here are a list of languages and skills I work with.


Web Design, Print Design, Front-end development, e-book development

Software & Coding:

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Blender, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP